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multiple tumors homeopathic treatment

. I am very baffled, I am only 42, very health conscious and physically active with low risk factors. I had a mammogram only about 3 years ago and it did not showed any abnormalities. However, I remembered feeling inexplicably fatigued all the time and suffering frequent headaches. I knew my body was telling me something was wrong, so I continued my pursuit for a proper diagnosis. During the course of these 3-4 years, my family doctor referred me to many specialists- nose, throat, eye, neurologist and had several tests to rule out thyroid disorder, anemia and even depression. In the way, I was being gently coaxed to take a series of pain killers to treat the secondary symptoms of what turned out to be a more serious underlying condition. I could not help feeling like I was not being taking seriously.
I had a second mammogram on March of this year. I waited anxiously for tangible proof that I was not a total hypochondriac. I received a very impersonal call from the doctor's office informing me that the results were "normal".   Not very convinced of their analysis, I contacted another doctor for a second opinion. After becoming acquainted with my medical history and having studied the mammogram results, the physician asked me to wait for yet another 6 months for another mammogram that will provide a basis for "comparison". His rationale was that the results were not very conclusive and he needed more concrete evidence before authorizing further testing.  At this point, I am feeling positively desperate.
My search for a proper diagnosis finally was resolved with the third doctor. He interpreted the results of the mammogram and ordered  a sonogram. The sonogram showed several abnormal growths in both breasts with one on the right being about 3 cent.  A biopsy was scheduled immediately.
I had my biopsy today. As I wait for the results, I am trying to be positive but the pervasive feeling that I have been let down by my doctors is ever present. It has been an ordeal. I sough help as early as 3 years ago but nothing really was done to provide an early and proper diagnosis. If it turns out to be cancer, I am planning to follow the prescribed treatment but I am also strongly considering complementing with homeopathic medicine.
I have been reading about the potential of treating the disease attacking it at the cellular level which also boosts the body natural autoimmune defenses during chemo.
What is your opinion of homeopathic medicine administered by serious, well prepared physicians that only happen to be operating under a different set of principles?  
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The symptoms you mentioned really have no connection to a breast issue .... benign or malignant. Since your mammograms were negative and there was no mention of a breast lump being found there would have been no reason to order any further testing such as Ultrasound so I don't believe you received less than adequate medical care. I'm sure your biopsy results will clarify things for you. As far as the Homeopathic route; IF and this is a BIG IF you are advised further treatment just be certain that your Oncologist knows everything you are taking or intend to take along with conventional therapy. Often these unproven methods can interfere with the drugs or other therapies used. Some may be approved as many people do choose to use both together.   Regards ....
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I hear many patients with bc say that before they were diagnosed, they just did not feel right. (Usually this is something they recall after their diagnosis) But with you it sounds like you have been feeling badly for three years. Did the MD actually say the tumors looked abnormal? Because  there are also benign breast changes that can show up in the breast and I am surprised there were so many of them found. That is unusual with cancer.

But I no doubt believe that what you are saying is true and real, and it is so frustrating when you feel badly and there is no diagnosis. This has happened with me, too, and then the moment they know what is wrong, they treat you like a different person?

So what I am trying to say is, that this may not be breast cancer, or that your feeling badly may not even be related to your breasts and if your biopsy results happen to turn out normal, that still does not mean you are a hypochondriac. Do you know what I mean?

As to the homeopathy, I have a lot of respect for this, even if it is seldomly taken seriously by regular doctors. some of the problems are not because Homeopathy doesn't work, but because it is not practiced correctly and/or because the companies who make the medications don't know how to do it properly. 9I know a lot about this)

but also, homeopathy doesn't work very well when combined with other, regular, or better said, non homeopathic medications. Even something like coffee used at the same time will make these medications ineffective, and so I think that  something like chemotherapy would  make homeopathy worthless.

Anyway, just thought I would give my 2 cents. kat
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