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a few years ago i had a breast reduction unfortunately it left me with large caved in areas in the upper part of both breasts and skin flaps under both arms
after seeing multiple doctors for  possible repairs one told me that lyposuction of the flaps under each arm and then placement of that fatty tissue back into the holes of my upper chest was an option
i did ask all the right questions and was assured that there would be no problems later
now i have sore lumps that are red and feverish directly under the areas that were filled with my own fat (which have since caved back in)....i fear ive made a second mistake trying to repair a first mistake
i recently had a mammogram in which i was told no malignancies found
is what im experiencing fat necrosis and how concerned should i be?
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I would be concerned only because this didn't seem to turn out as well as expected. I don't know how long ago you had this recent surgery but I would certainly go back to the Plastic Surgeon and demand some resolution. If it was fairly recent then the only answer might be "TIME" but you could find out about that too.  Regards ....
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