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nipple discharge--leaky implant or cancer

I am 55 years old and have been having follow up mammograms for clusters of microcalcifications.  A year ago I developed itching of the nipple along with a green discharge.  An ultrasound of the nipple was said to be normal.  I am now experiencing pain in that breast that radiates under my arm with some swelling in the arm pit and pain in the side of my ribs.  I have implants and my doctor thinks there is a possibility of it leaking as my blood work came back normal.  Could this be a leaky implant or a cancer?
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I don't quite see how the implant could leak into the milk ducts and then out thru the nipple. Cancer rarely presents by breast discharge unless it is bloody and from only one nipple but there are other symptoms that accompany the discharge. Your blood work woud be of no value in the diagnosis of breast cancer although I don't know what type of blood work you had done. When calcifications are clustered a biopsy is usually recommended since this is definitely a cause for concern. I believe I would see a Breast Specialist as it seems to me that more investigation is called for from what you describe. I've personally never heard of clustered calcifications being followed by mammogram and not biopsy. If you have some enlarged lymph nodes in the underarm area there could also be some infection going on. My best advice is a second opinion by a Breast Specialist or Breast Surgeon and perhaps a Breast MRI since implants do make mammograms somewhat less reliable.   Regards ....
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