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nodel under arm with breast pain

I have had a hard node under my left arm for over a yr.It doesn't hurt and has gotton bigger.When it started out it was about the size of a pin head so I asumed it was a pore clogged up.I used to place hot towels on it and try to get something out of it.For days after doing this my breast on that side which isn't right close to it would inflame and swell ever time .It's been a long time since I have even tried to mess with it because of this reason.The node itself has never been painful.Even though i don't mess with it anymore my left breast hurts a lot.It hurts on the outter side of the breast and underneath a lot .And lately the pain seems to be underneath the breast on upper abdomin. The node is hard and doesn't move.It has gotton a lot bigger over the last few months.I had a breast mamogram last yr. for the breast pain ,but it turn out o.k.I've been having a lot neurological problem and my Doc. wants to send me to a neurologist.I haven't told him about the node.I have a lot of muscle and joint pain and head aches,dizziness,doulble vision and lots of other medical problems;he is aware of though.I've been on pain meds for two yrs.,but now it doesn't seem to help this breast pain.I don't have health insurance;so there for I can't afford test and I try to stay out of the Doc. office unless urgent.What are my opptions and does this seem important?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear Bomaringo:  If there is a lump that is getting larger, it
needs to be evaluated.  Without the ability to look at the lump, we are not in a position to make any suggestions as to what it is or whether it is concerning or not.  Once the lump is evaluated recommendations can be made as to what additional testing, if any, may be needed.  You may also consider
contacting your local department of social services to see if maybe you would be eligible for any medical financial assistance.  
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If you are describing a lump you can actually see in the skin, it' most likely unrelated to breast or lymph nodes, and is more likely a skin gland that's plugged up, such as a sebaceous cyst (a plugged oil gland). They're not dangerous, although they can become infected and need draining or removing. The problem is that it's impossible to diagnose a lump without being able to see or feel it; so, whereas what you describe sounds ok (assuming it's indeed within the skin and not deep to it), the only way to find out for sure is with an exam.
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The node seems to feel deep ;how deep I don't know.The pain in my breast is below the node on the side of my breast and hurts not only on my breast but also under my breast bone and on the side of my breast.The node doesn't hurt at all.My arm bothers me a lot on that same side;It aches alot.I am going to have it checked out .I've just been putting it off.
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I visited my 20 year old daughter at college this past weekend.  She showed my a lump in her armpit, right at the crook of the arm.  It seemed to be oblong in shape, very hard to the touch and extremely tender.  SHe said it had appeared just two days before.  She called today and said it had become even more painful and it hurt to raise her arm. What does a lump which appears quickly and rapidly progresses to painful usually indicate?

She is going to make an appointment tomorrow, should she see her gynocologist or should she make an appointment with a GP?  The gynocologist recently removed a cyst from her vaginal area.  DOes this possibly mean she could be suseptable to getting cysts?

She has been taking a cortisol hormone perscribed by her physician.  If this turns out to be a cyst, could cortisol be a possible cause of cysts? She also has thyroid problems.

Please advise as I am a very worried mother!
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