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nodules in axilla

I have had a diagnostic mammogram and left axilla ultrasound on April of 2008 and a follow up of left breast and left axilla on 11/2008.

The second ultrasound showed an abnormality and they recommend a 3 month follow-up ultrasound.

The first time I had the ultrasound I didn't think they checked the axilla high enough and this time they did and found the abnormality.

I have felt a small lump at my axilla for maybe a year and I never felt one in my breast and I do the breast exam monthly.  My doctor felt the area at my yearly exam and she agreed that I should have it checked out and here I am having my third test done.  Everyone keeps telling me that it is a nodule and since my mom has the same thing not to worry at this time and wait for the next ultrasound.

Do I talk to a Specialist regarding my axilla and breast or do I wait till the next ultrasound?

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The 3 month recommended follow-up seems adequate as they are usually interested in any change that might occur. As far as not worrying because it's a nodule .... I don't quite get that one. Anything that is new or seems abnormal should always be checked out and that's what you are doing. Am I understanding correctly that the nodule is in the axillary area but not in the breast ?? If you are really uncomfortable with the 3 month wait you might ask that your films be read by another Radiologist OR have your films reviewed by a Breast Specialist and get a 2nd opinion from him/her.   Regards ..
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