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oral chemo meds for atypical hyperplasia?

My sister was diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia. She had some surgery to remove some cells and get a closer look. Now her oncologist wants her on oral meds. She has a choice of three different ones two of them are estrogen receptor blocker‘s, The other one is and estrogen production blocker.
I would love some help if from anyone that has had experience with this in their own life or a medical professional. She was really blindsided by the prospect of oral chemo meds for 5 years.  She has a demanding full-time job. Exhausted when she comes home and I’m just trying to fill in some gaps that I can share with her. She will be seeing her oncologist with questions, but I don’t think she’s even aware of what to ask.
Soooo. Please respond. -ASAP- Thanks
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Hello and thank you for reaching out to us.  We're very sorry to hear about your sister. Can you update us on what has happened since you posted this as I assume she has now met with her oncologist?  Oral chemo medications are widely given these days. Oral chemo meds are very effective and have convenience of given at home when compared to IV chemo.  They do also have side effects though but that will vary on which option she is placed on. If she is working, oral at home is much more convenient as she won't have to miss work for appointments or administration of the IV. It helps keep up the normal routine which many desire. With regards to side effects, daily oral meds for many have the result of being less severe. You also have fewer blood draws. The disadvantage has to do with missing out on the care and support provided by seeing the health care team regularly.  You manage things more on your own. Which also means it is up to the patient to take the medication properly.  It also can be a cost factor as you'd need insurance to cover it for your sister which requires their approval. Here is an article that may help:  https://www.pharmacytimes.com/view/counselingchemotherapy-0809  Please let us know an update.  
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