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pain in left breast

I have had a pretty bad pain in my left breast, slong the outside and the bottom along my ribs for 3 months now.  Prior to this, I had bronchitis for a while. My cough finally subsided about 2 weeks ago, but the pain is worse.  It goes to my back at times, and my left side has now noticably larger then my right.  I have read that breast cancer is not painful, so I am hoping it is not that, (my mom has been fighting cancer for 3 years, originally in her uterus, then in her lymph nodes in that area).  
I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, followed by part 2 when my FORMER gyn forgot to remove an ovary, oops...I had the hysterectomy due ot many fibroids.  
The pain is  not going away, and when I went the my pcp, he suggested it was due to the cough. He suggested it was similar to pleurisy, but i have had that many times and I know this is different.  It does hurt when I do inhale though, sometimes.  
Does anyone have any ideas?  Oh, I have used ibuprofen and heat... the ibuprofen has helped somewhat, but not enough, and I don't like taking medicine unless I absolutely have to.
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Have you noticed any associated discharge, lumps or skin changes in your breast? Have  you had cough earlier too? Have you had any injuries or trauma?

You can go to your doctor and he would be able to advise you on the future course of action. An examination and X ray to rule out any bone injury are some things that come to ones mind immediately. There are many different OTC pain killers available in the meantime to help you to tide over the pain.

Hope this helped.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Best regards.
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Thanks for your reply.  
I do have some small lumps along the outside, actually from like 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock and they are sore to touch, some larger lumps at like 9 o'clock that aren't as painful to the touch, no discharge that I have noticed, and what type of skin changes should I look for?  I have not had any trauma or injuries that I can think of.
I have tried 600 mg 3x day and as I mentioned that has not really helped too much, and I don't like to take anything unless I absolutely have to.  
The cough I have had for months, and finally has subsided.  When I cough and or inhale it really hurts alot! Even just moving sometimes hurts, as does lying down.

Thanks again
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You symptoms sound similar to mind only I notice one lump. I had the pain for 2 days and went on the 2nd day. I was treated for staph. I am taking an antibiotic and use a topical antibiotic. there is no real redness, only one spot. The pain is not as bad. I also made a epson salt paste to put on the sore spot and put a hot cloth (from microwave) on it. When I did that, it felt like it was pulling something from under my arm. Weird I know. I am going for a 2nd opinion on Monday.
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You need to get a chest xray done to rule out the pain being due to cough or any rib fracture secondary to the cough.

Also, you would need an ultrasound and mammogram to investigate and found out the cause of the lumps and whether they could be the cause of your pain.

Let us know about the reports as and when they come and also about what your doctor advises.

Post us if you have any other doubts.

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