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painful breast lump

I am 37 years old.I noticed a lump above my right breast just above the nipple. I rubbed it a bit hard and now my right side hurts when I move a certain way or try to lift something with the right arm. Also when I pull my head downward to the left I feel a pull and some pain near my right shoulder blade. Is this serious? I am making an appointment with my primary

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This lump could be a hormonal thing,a cyst,a fibroadenoma (both benign lumps) or a sebaceous cysts which is often the result of swollen hair follicles that can occur on the breast like on skin anywhere else on your body.But there is no way of telling for sure until your doctor examines you.I am not sure why your right side hurts,it might not be related at all with the lump.... You could have pulled a muscle or irritated a nerve when you rubbed the lump.
It's very wise of you to see your doctor for a clinical breast exam and I hope there is nothing serious to worry about.
All the best...
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