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painful underarm and lump

Hi, I have been suffering discomfort in my right arm and boob for over 6months. My doctor comfirmed
that she could feel a lump under my right arm and also one in my right boob. My arm is painful to move also.
I have recently had a mammagram and ultra sound scan to be told that all is fine. I have yet to make an appointment with my GP to discuss my results. Has anyone else suffered with similar and if so what was the outcome. Im so relieved that it was not cancer but am frustrated as to what is causing such discomfort. I had a full hysterectomy 10rys ago and have been recieving HRT for the same lengh of time. I have no visible irritation to my underarm and have no probs using deodrants or shaving. Could the mammagram and ultra sound scan missed any signs of cancer etc. Any advice is welcome
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Dear Sue9968:  The general rule of thumb when a lump is discovered is to have it evaluated.  Mammogram and/or ultrasound are pretty good tests for sorting out lumps but they are not perfect.  Once you meet with your doctor, she can hopefully determine whether either of these lumps feel like further investigation, such as a biopsy, should be pursued.  Although there are many possible explanations for lumps and breast pain, a biopsy may be the only way to determine what the lump may be.
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Hi, Thank you for contacting me. I know I should now be resured after getting the all clear but I can not help feeling that I have unanswered questions via my test. I just dont feel at ease, especialy for some one who has never suffered with discomfort in these area's  ever before. When I had my mammogram and ultra sound  and then seeing consultant on the same day.. To be examined and told that all was ok. I was not given the chance to ask if they had found any lump and what may be the cause for my discomfort. As you say Im best waiting until I see my GP and maybe she will know more. I can still a feel lump and Im still in discomfort.Sorry to harp on but could it still be cancer and just undetected at present or just something so trivial? I should be so thank full  at the moment but you cant help but be worried.
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I read your posting and wanted to let you know that I am going throught the same exact thing.  I have been experiencing tenderness in my right armpit, and breast.  I have also been experiencing numbness in my right arm and hand.  I saw my GP who sent me to a surgeon, who sent me for tests.  I had an ultrasound and mammo today.  The radiologist said that she didn't see much.  What does that mean?  On the 24th I am going for an EMG for my right arm.   The Dr. said that I could have a herniated disc in my neck.  Only thing is my neck dosen't hurt.  I understand what you are feeling.
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Hi Alex,
I know it is so frustrating and a worry. But hopefully you will know more come tomorrow 24th. Its good to share a problem. Hope all goes well for you and your not worrying for to long. Su
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