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palpable lump

I found a lump in my breast over two years ago. Had a mammogram and ultrasound, but they were negative. It began bothering me again this year, and growing, so I had another mammo, and an MRI. Again nothing.

The lump is in my right breast, under the arm, actually. It is a couple cm. wide, and maybe 3-4 cm long, and the doctor says it is boomerang-shaped, although I could not detect that. When I first found it, it was because out of the blue, that breast swelled up as though it were engorged (and I haven't nursed a baby for about 5 years). I massaged the swelling down, and was left with the lump. I am feeling like my lymph nodes aren't draining because the area feels hard sometimes more than others. Also, at times, I can massage the lump down. It is worse on days when I haven't had enough water, and I have shooting/pulsing pains sometimes on those days.

I REALLY want to get this checked out by a specialist. Who can I go to that will take the necessary steps to examine this thoroughly? I am in northern Indiana, if that helps.
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Dear chevere:  There are many possible explanations for lumpiness in the breast, the most common include fluctuations in hormone levels (during certain times in the menstrual cycle, birth control pills, perimenopause, for example).  In the setting of a negative examination (not suspicious for cancer), negative mammogram, ultrasound and MRI, this lump is unlikely to be cancer.  However, you could consider seeing a medical breast specialist (usually affiliated with large academic medical centers) for evaluation.
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I don't think the lump has anything to do with hormones, meaning it doesn't get worse at any specific time of the month.
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I also had the same kind of symptoms and my doctor intially diagnosed it as a Fibroadenma. After I finished a lumpectomy , the patholoical tests of the lump revealed that I have invasive ductal carcinoma. I am just 30 and my doctors never suspected this as a cancerous lump. The lump was constantly growing bigger in size in my case and it had become 4x5 cm  by the time of my first surgery. Due to wrong diagnosis, I had to go through surgery twice.Once for the lump and another for lymphnodes. I am going through radio therapy now after I finished my 6 cycles of chemo therapy.

It might be a minor hormonal imbalance too. I will suggest that get a proper diagnosis for the confirmation.
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