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partially circumscribed mass

A partially circumscribed mass was noted and seen on 2 views of my mamogran. I am waiting to have an ultra sound. Does this mean I have cancer ?
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Hello, welcome to the forum.  Sorry you are having this concern.  When is your ultra sound scheduled?  A partially circumscribed mass does not mean cancer necessarily.  They are doing the ultrasound to get a good view. Were you given a Bi-rad score? This is a scoring system radiologists use for abnormal mammograms.  It ranges from 0 t0 6. Circumscribed relates to the contour of the mass and is one of the elements that will cause radiologists to want to take a closer look.  A circumscribed mass in mammography is a mass where the contour is clearly defined along at least 75% of its surface.  The mass could still be benign. Further investigation is a good thing as it rules out cancer. In the chance that you would have cancer, it allows them to begin treating you for remission.   https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2211568413003872

Please let us know when your ultrasound is and what they say.  We'll be thinking of you.
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Thank you for responding to my post. I appreciate it. My US is scheduled for Aug. 3rd. I will post what the findings are.
I forgot to say my score was zero.
Hello, thanks for getting back to me. A Bi-rad of zero is excellent.  That means it is simply a second view and there is little real concern about cancer. The radiologist is being thorough as opposed to overly concerned.  Please let me know how it goes but I would rest easy.  
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