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pea sized lump grew to golf ball size in under a week & it brought along 2 siblings

I went to see my OB today for axillae (armpit) lumps.  I had noticed a pea sized lump about a month ago but since I was weaning my son, I figured it was just a swollen milk gland.  However this past week my whole family got a virus and the lump swelled now to 2.5 inches wide and 1 1/4 inch tall.  It is accompanied by yet another lump just above it that is about the size of a silver dollar and a third lump is beginning to form on my opposite axillae.  All three are red and extremely painful.  There is no head or any type of drainage area on them.  I saw the OB today for them and he prescribed antibiotics along with pain meds.  I will follow up with him in two weeks.  
I have had two abscesses lanced and treated with antibiotics over the last two months; one that turned into cellulitis and I had to spend some time in the hospital for.  I got so sick.  
Now these abscesses, (what the OB says they are) pop up all of a sudden and I'm given antibiotics but they have not been lanced?
So my question(s), why do I keep getting these abscesses, (I bathe regularly), how can I prevent them, why did these last ones not get the same treatment and could the swelling go down with the antibiotics but there still be an underlying problem, IE: cancer? And if that's the case, shouldn't  I have a bit more aggressive care, rather than, antibiotics and see you in two weeks?  Mind you, I've no family history but unlike my last two bouts with abscesses, there was no injury that caused it?  I use the same razor, have not changed my deodorant and the fact that they all appeared around the same time and under both arms.  Am I just being a worry wort or should I be more concerned than my doctor is right now?
Thank you,  
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These lumps sound very much like enlarged lymphnodes and the infection you mention could certainly be the reason for it. This is the purpose of the lymphatic system and the nodes will become enlarged whenever there is some infection somewhere in the body.Being under both arms would also lead me to this conclusion. I would think the course of Antibiotics might solve the problem. If they aren't lymphnodes but simple abscesses then it could well be from an infected hair follicle.  Regards .....
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