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periductal mastitis or cancer?

im 23 years old with a 5 year old child, i have been told in the past ive got periductal mastitis, which is an on/off thing, but the last few weeks its started up again, with pain in breast and under armpit, with discharge from the niplle also nipple is sensitive and looks alittle sore around the base, and ive noticed abit of red blood looking stuff still inside one part of the nipple where the dicharge is coming out but not in the discharge, i notice the discharge even more when the nipple erects, its so uncomfatable and hurts,  i had a scan done in 2003 and found nothing, had a breast examination done last week and she didnt find any thing,  im very very scared as i dont want cancer
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Seltzer, MH, Perloff, LJ, Kelley, RI, Fitts, WT Jr. The significance of age in patients with nipple discharge. Surg Gynecol Obstet 1970; 131:519.

looking at that journal article, since you are <40 years of age and if your have isolated nipple discharge from one breast, malignancy was present in 3 percent.  Since you've had this before and had an exam done last week, that's pretty reassuring.  I'd get another opinion if you're not satisfied with your doctor's exam.  Mastitis is not a precursor for cancer. It's worth finding a doctor that explains that enough until you're reassured.
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