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please help :( 2.5 cm lump - irregular edges - grew fast - moves only a little

Hi everyone :)

First question here.

I am 38 years old, had my first child when I was 26, and began menstruating at age 13. I found a lump to the right of my left nipple about 3 months ago, and it was the size of a pea. I didn't want to over-react (I know better now to get lumps checked asap), so I just watched it.

Last week, I found that it had grown considerably, so of course I called my doctor. Yesterday I had an appointment, and she said she's concerned because the lump grew so much so quickly, (it's now the size of a large grape). She said the edges are irregular and that it only slightly moves.

This is the only lump I've ever had, and it is not painful. There is cancer on both sides of my family.

I have an appointment to get a biopsy but I am wondering what else this could be besides breast cancer. I know only a doctor can say for sure, but has anyone had a similar experience and it turned out to be something other than breast cancer? If so, what was it?

Thanks in advance ~ Christy
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Hi, and thanks for the quick reply. I had my ultrasound and mammogram today. The doctor says he is pretty sure it isn't cancer. He says it isn't a cyst either, but that the lump is solid. The biopsy is on the 20th. What else could this be?
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Has a mammogram and ultrasound been done? what do the reports say?

It is essential to get an ultrasound and mammogram before a biopsy.

Both these investigations would tell us a lot about the  lump - whether it appears to be benign or maligannt, whether it is solid or cystic.

Also you should get a blood test done.

Many conditions could cause a breast lump - and it would grow fast if the cause is infecticion - bacterial etc.

But because of the strong family history you belong to the high risk group.

Let us know what the mammogram and ultrasound reports say.

Also keep us posted on what your doctor advises.

Hope this helps.

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