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port placement for Chemo

I am getting a Port Placement on my Chest to continue Chemo treatments,I had a double Mastectomy,
My right side is the Cancer side, the left  breast was healthy, but it was decided to have a Mastectomy as well,
The Surgeon took 2 Lymph Nodes, all NEGATIVE.from the left side, and 18 Lymph Nodes from the right side, 3 were
I  also have expanders placed on both breast, to get reconstruction after Chemo is completed.
Does expanders represent a nuisance, with the Port placement?
Please, Advise.
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Going just on common sense, I wouldn't think it would make it  make much difference, since you has surgery on both sides (bilat. mx and lymph node removal), although maybe the side that had the least surgery (that is, where just 2 nodes were taken, rather than the side where 18 were removed), would be preferable.

However, the best person to ask all of your questions regarding the port and its placement would of course be the surgeon who will be doing the surgery and has the expertise and experience to answer them.

Meanwhile, how are you doing? How did Friday's chemo go? Did you learn of a BC support group that would be convenient for you to attend?

Hang in there,
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thanks BB for your very smart advise.I am a little scare about the Port
placement, maybe, I do not want to have further complications,.I must  be on top of all my procedures.
My 2nd Chemo went well, but Nausea set up sooner, just next day in the morning , for nearly 24 hours, I took the medication ONDANSETRON for Zofran, and felt worse. I will ask my Onco to change it.Today I feel better
and I am eating, but feel weak.My next is the 30th.
I wish you and all my good friends from the Forum a Merry Christmas and a Healthy year.!!
God Bless you all.
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Hi Ali,

I am afraid I don't have a personal experience with Chemo side effects,but I found a link where many women have experienced sickness from Chemotherapy.
I hope their comments will help you to find out which medication worked for them concerning the nausea.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of hope,recovery and health.
God Bless you too Ali.

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Hi Zouzi, My friend, you are so lucky, you did not have to experience Chemo Nausea, what was your prognosis and treatment?
CMF Chemo is supossed to be mild, but I guess, is up to the dosis.
I heard Marinol works, but I do not know if they can prescribe  here in New York,
I will go thru the 6 remaining treatments, I am not a quitter, besides, I can not wait to go Home. I will prevail, not without complaining.
This wednesday , I will have the Port placement, (the last pinching in my
I wish you all the best!
MERRY CHRISTMAS ! and Thanks !!!
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Hi again,

A newer anti-nausea drug, Emend, has been very effective for many chemo pts. (SueYoung55 sings its praises!)

Feel free to complain all you want--the road you are on is not an easy one!

My loved one was extremely glad she had her port (I think maybe it was placed at the same time as her lumpectomy?) and even was reluctant at first to have it removed when her tx was completed, because it made all of the bloodwork so much simpler.

I hope it works out as well for you.

Merry Christmas to you, too, if we don't hear from you before then.

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p.s. I have sent you a private message which contains an excellent article that discusses management of chemo-related nausea.

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Ali, I had a small tumor 9 mm IDC stage 1 grade 1. ER/PR positive HER2 negative. Had lumpectomy,20 radiation sessions,and I am now taking Femara.Still have 2 years to go.. :( Of course I will continue taking this drug no matter what, as recommended by my Surgeon..but I would have certainly preferred to do without! LOL
Yes, I guess I was lucky to have caught my breast cancer early! I did  have  radiation side effects though,feeling tired for quite some time.
You got  very good advice from our dear friend bb..Yes I remember now, that Sue Young talked about Emend and how good it is to control the nausea.Also I think she advised to drink lots of water after each chemo infusion to flush out the chemicals from the body.
All the best to you Ali...
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Thank you , I will ask my Onco to change the nausea meds to Emend.
The Port is schedule this coming wednesday.It should have been done
since the begining,
Zouzi: continue with  Femara, watch your Bones!
BB and Sue, thanks again for the excellent advise.
I will let you know of my progress.
God Bless!!!
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BB I do not know how to open your private message,
I clicked on REPORT by mistake,
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Click on "Inbox" in the upper right corner of your screen.  When you see your list of messages, click  on the message you sent to me, titled ":Lymphedema." I added the article on chemo nausea to the bottom of that thread.

By the way, do you have your profile preferences set so that you get an e-mail from MedHelp every time you get an answer, note, or private message? That way, all you have to do is click on the link they have sent you, to see the latest communicationform any of us.

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Hi Allidi,

Typically they install the port on the non cancer side even if you've had bilateral mastectomies.

The installation surgery is a quickie in and out and here in the states is considered an outpatient surgery.

Best wishes my friend. :)
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expanders won't be in the way of a port, it'll be installed about two inches from the top of your shoulder (general area)
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