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post surgery still bleeding can't feel nipple

I had surgery done on Mon. March 19 (3 days ago) to remove a small lump close to my nipple. I had discharge coming from my left nipple for more than a year. So 3 days after surgery there is still bleeding, I can't feel my nipple at all and there's also some smelly pus coming from part of the incision. I'm not sure if that's just the same discharge that was originally giving me problems or if this is a different kind of discharge related to the surgery.
Does all this sound normal?
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If you notice slight bleeding ,tingling,itching,numbness and mild oozing this is normal and no cause of concern so soon after surgery..
However you should call your doctor if there is a yellow or green foul odor discharge on the site of the incision,including redness hardening of the surrounding area,fever, increased pain or excessive bleeding that has soaked through the dressing.
It could be that the surgeon left the wound slightly open to allow any residual pus to drain.
In any case,please call your Surgeon to make sure that you don't have an infection going on and if what you are experiencing is normal.
Best wishes...
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