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I have had my simple mastectomy and chemo and radaiton., But i am still not sure what all my pathology reports mean. Mostly i am worried about the fact that my cancer is ER and PR negative, Her2neu: Positive for overexpression. Can someone tell me if this is good or bad and what my prognosis is with this type of cancer
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it would help for anyone who will attempt to get back to you in the most helpful way, if you added just a little more information, like your age, your  bc stage, grade,  lymph node status, etc.  (besides the fact that I am way too tired to comment any further, the additional information would help a lot in terms of responding in your best interest) Take care until then, Katrin
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I am 53 years old Katarina my stage is stage lla with high-grade DCIS, node status is three benign reactive lymph nodes. I had pagets disease of the nipple along with colliod (mucinous) adenocarcinoma  and am ER and PR negative, Her2neu: positive for over expression.
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ER and PR negative cancer means that it will not respond to homone blockers like aromatase inhibitors or tamoxifen becuase your cancer cells do not have recptors for those hormones.  Being positive (overexpression) for Her2neu means that  your cancer cells do have these receptors.  Her2neu is an oncogene that makes the cancer more likely to grow and spread than if you  were negative.  However, the good news is that there is a drug, Herceptin, that targets these receptors.  It is usually begun with other chemo drugs or started after them depending on your regimen and your doctor and is course of treatment for 11 or 12 months.

Thanks for providing more details, it really helps us to help you better.  I just finished 11 months of Herceptin on Nov. 30 of 2010.   Herceptin by itself for me, had almost no side effects (what a relief after the taxotere and carboplatin that I began it with.)  This drug is a significant factor in the treatment of Her2neu positive patients.

Your oncologist can tell you best about your prognosis.  From what you have posted, it looks like you have completed a standard treatment regimen and should have a good prognosis.  If you are not taking Herceptin, you might want to ask your oncologist about whether it would be a reccommendation for you.

The main thing is to do the treatment and then get on with your life in a positive way.  A cancer diagnosis is shocking and the treatment is tough, but we do everything we can and then we need to enjoy life.  lease feel free to add to this thread so that we can encourage each other and share what we know.  I am thinking of you.
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