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radiation, chemo and Breast reconstruction

hello everybody. i am 40 yo. a year ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer. i had 8 chemos (4-A/C and 4-T), then i had a mastectomy with all lymph nodes removed, 4 out of 16 were positive. then i had 2 more T chemos, followed by 25 treatments of radiation. the last radiation was at the end of november 2006. i have a dilema now - breast reconstruction. my left breast is DDD, and the prostesis on my right side weights 2.5 lbs to match. its really hard to put it on and go to work with it every day. i am considering the reconstruction but very scared.
the surgery is 7 hrs long under general anestesia, my stomach will be openned from side to side for the tissues and fat to be used for the new breast.
i am afraid and don't know if my body can handle such a surgery. does the chemo and radiation affected my immune system? how long should i wait till the reconstruction or not have it at all? would it be too much stress to my immune system that it can produce new risk for another cancer? please, if somebody made any decision for themselves, or know anything about the immune system and how its affected by radiation and chemo, help me.
Thank you
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I would consider waiting a few months. There are other ways to do reconstruction. Go to breastcancer.org and join the discussion board there. Go down the topics until you see reconstruction and click there. You can post questions and read about other ladies that have been where you are. They also have a picture forum but you have to ask for permission to view other ladies results. Hope this helps.
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thank you so much. i'll take your advise.
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