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radiotherapy following mastectomy

Hi all

I've posted before, and since my wife (Ursula) has undergone a radical left mastectomy and lymph nodes removal. She had a massive bleed a week later and almost died,and had to have further surgery to stop it.A week in hospital

The pathology report post surgery was that her cancer had regressed since the first biopsy, and she is taking Femara. The original biopsy said it was HR2 positive. After surgery they now say it's HR2 negative, and she requires 25 radiotherapy treatments, and continue the Femara. She's 75, but looks and acts at least 10 years younger. She has permanent atrial fibrullation also, and has is upset that she need this new treatment, and worried about the side affects. The doctor is not very reassuring and has no 'bedside manner'.

Can any body help with their experiences of having the radiotherapy, and how they coped etc?

best wishes all.
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Hi there,
First of all, I am so sorry that your wife had such a bad experience following her mastectomy and I really hope that she is doing well now.
There are usually no immediate side effects from each radiation treatment given to the breast area.Concerning your wife's heart problem,she should discuss this matter with her Radiation Oncologist so that she can weight the risks and benefits that are specific to her case.
Most patients (including me)develop fatigue that builds up gradually over the course of  the treatment.This gradually goes away after a few months following treatment.Most patients develop dull aches or sharp shooting pains in the radiated area that may last for a few seconds or minutes.The most common side effect needing attention is skin reaction,like reddening,burning sensation, dryness and itching of the skin after a few weeks.Oncologist can prescribe a variety of creams and lotions to alleviate these kind of problems..Skin reactions usually heal completely within a few weeks of completing radiotherapy.
By the way,Femara also could causes fatigue,aches and pain.Your wife should rest as much as possible when she feels tired,exercise can certainly help,if her doctor recommends it as long as she feels strong enough to do it.
She should give time to her body to recover and hopefully she'll be just fine..
Wishing all the best to both of you......
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