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mam I am 40 years old I have 4 childs youngest  child is of 10 I am having pus like discharge from both breast but it comes out after pressing only so what are the chances of cancer or any other reason for that
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Nipple discharge is a common breast symptom particularly when squeezed and it's not an indication of breast cancer.When you stop pressing the nipples the discharge will also stop.
There are many underlying causes of nipple discharge. Benign conditions such as fibrocystic change, duct ectasia, and periductal mastitis can all create nipple discharge that emanates from both breasts.The discharge is usually cloudy and may be green, dark or gray. This type of discharge generally is present when the nipple are stimulated.
The only alarming situation would be if the discharge is spontaneous( comes out without squeezing the nipples), is unilateral,bloody or clear and sticky.
If you are overly concerned and also because you are 40, I would advise you to see your doctor or preferably a breast specialist for a clinical breasts exam.A breast specialist  will be able to differentiate the serious underlying causes of nipple discharge from those that do not require any further evaluation.
Take care and best wishes...
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