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i saw the Plastic Surgeon (PS)  reccomended by my surgeon who answered most of my questions. . I am still posing the following questions as I would like to get some input from those who have been through this.

Due to my age (65 yrs) I am not a candidate for tram flap. My PS reccomends Silicon implant. It is a lengthy process as the tissue expander is filled at intervals. I am wondering if I will be able to travel during this 4 -6 months period if I feel up to it?

What is an average life of an implant?  

I am not for implant in my other breast to achieve symetry. would this be a problem?

what is the hospital stay for the first surgery to insert tissue expander and the second suregry to place the actual implant.?

How difficult it is to manage the port used to fill the tissue expander?

How does one manage the changing sz of the  breast during the expansion process?

Any other information that you can share?

As usual, many thanks to the RN and others who have provided input for the past 10 months. I could not have done without you all.
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You had posted query regarding the breast reconstruction and use of implants for this.
The options available for breast reconstruction are too many which I suppose your surgeon as discussed with you. This comment  is just confined to the use of implants.
Breast implants can provide a technically simple means of achieving breast symmetry and pose minimal risk in properly selected patients.
The implants available today  are of different sizes and shapes. Hence a lot of variety to choose .
The implants to be placed would require  a two stage procedure where in the first stage is for the tissue expander insertion to provide aspace/ cavity for the placement of implant. The second stage  would be expander removal and implant insertion. The time interval between both the procedures is roughly about 6 - 8 weeks.
The hospital stay would be roughly about 3-4 days for both procedures but still it depends on various factors.
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Hi-  I had a double mastectomy on November 12th.  I had tissue expanders placed at surgery and they were able to fill them some at that time  and I have been going every week since for further expansion.  The port is under the skin.  There is nothing to manage as far as that goes.  A magnet is used to find the port and then needle inserted and saline put in.  Not much pain.  A little uncomfortable at times,  but not so it interferes with doing anything.  I was only in the hospital overnight.  I am about half way thru the expansion process and so far am pleased.  I am wearing my own bra and it looks pretty good.  My plastic surgeon did give me a prescription for a prosthesis bra,  but I never went to get one.  Figured it was winter and things could be hidden with sweaters.  Hoped this helped alittle.  If there is anything else I could answer for you, let me know.   My PS told me implants usually last for 10 yrs,  sometimes longer.  Take care and I wish you well.
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Thanks. With expander  under the skin i can manage some travel  in between, . my doctor wants to fill the expander biweekly so it may take longer. I did not have a skin saving mastectomy so it  may be bit difficult to stretch. can you tell me how many ccs he will be suing? how many at a time?

looks like you will be done soon, what a releif. Happy holidays.

Thanks again, I may ask some more questions a later, I hope you check this often

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I had a mastectomy with the tissue expander surgery in late sept..  I go weekly to be ''pumped'' up.  He fills it with 60 cc of saline...it doesnt hurt at all on my  chest, but the muscle that wraps around the should blade kills!!!  

I was a small b cup prior to my surgery...and my ''new'' left chest side is much larger...and higer...the chest expander fills the cavity from my collar bone down to my breast area...i call it my milk jug...in order to have symmetry more than likely both breast will have to be worked on.

I have complete faith in my plastic surgeon, even though right now i look completely lopsided...
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My obgyn doctor suggested that I ask my doctor to leave my other breast alone. I am having second thoughts. I wear prostesis now , which does not droop, causing symetry problems. I manage it by using a small insert in the cup of my good breast which seems to work. So it is the same concept. My obgyn says, by adding silocon to my good breast is not a good idea as it will interfere with the screening  process. My PS has a good reputation but he is not god. I don't know if anyone can eliminate lopsided issue without touching the good breast. Any comments?
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