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right arm and breast pain

Its been about two weeks now. I pushed myself up to get out of bed, and felt a ripping pain under my right arm. Its still very tender behind my arm, and started hurting across the top of my right breast. Could this be a pulled muscle?  Also I had a mamo done in February of this year and it came out fine. My mother had a breast removed from cancer, and I'm concerned this pain may be something to worry about.
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Breast pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer.This could very well be an injury to a muscle or ligament.You could take some over the counter pain relief medications,apply warm compresses and try to rest your arm as much as possible and see if it helps with your symptoms.
I really wouldn't worry too much about BC since you had a Mammogram just a few months ago with negative results.
If the pain persists or worsen,see your doctor who might prescribe a stronger medication to relieve your discomfort.
Best wishes...
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Hi, I have same problem. Started from my scapula n moving to my breast (right side)
Now, my left scapula n breast also got same problem.
My mom passed away cause BC 7 years ago.
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If you have a question you should post it as a new question rather than a comment on someone else's thread because we don't often go back and read older posts. The symptoms you describe do not seem to be related to breast cancer. When symptoms begin in a location other than the breast (such as a lump) AND involving both sides it is often due to some sort of muscle or nerve issue involving the spine area. Any type of pain, ache, discomfort or heaviness is rarely an indication of breast cancer. I suggest you see your Family Physician who can evaluate these symptoms that you are experiencing.  Regards ....
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