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right breast and back

Im feeling this stabbing pain on my right back that goes around to my right breast. Its very painful and i dont know what to do.
pls help
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Dear 4abee:  There are many possible explanations for pain and without examination, we cannot speculate on possible causes.  Our advice is to contact your doctor for evaluation.
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I am not an expert, but my experience may help you.  I suffered with pain (RT side) from my breast bone, around to my spine.  It took over two years for my diagnosis.  I had 3 fractured ribs.  A fracture anywhere on the rib can cause radiating pain all around. If you (like me) had radiation to the chest wall for breast cancer, you may have weakened ribs.  I am told that this side effect is very rare. (Maybe just under-diagnosed).  Good luck!
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I have pain in my left breast after a mastecomy 8 years ago.  I have a saline implant.  The pain radiates to my upper abdomen. susie
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