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right breast mass

Had a mammogram and u/s done in may.  Microcalcifications were found behind my right nipple.  Had a biopsy done and recieved a benign report. Went for f/u in 2 months and u/s showed some change in the area - now a more defined mass (5mm) with definite blood flow.  I am scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks.  How important is that change in appearance and presence of blood flow?  The nurse practitioner said not a big deal - the surgeon looked a bit more concerned.  any ideas?  any questions that I should ask before surgery? Thanks>

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I would ask just those questions that you have ask here .... any change be it blood flow, size, etc. makes a finding somewhat more suspicious but it could certainly be "not a big deal". You might jot down any concern that comes to mind between now and your scheduled surgery. Microcalcifications are merely an indication that the breast is reacting to some abnormality within the tissue and now as you indicate there is a defined mass.   Regards ..
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