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right breast pain

I have been having dull pain underneath and on the side of my right breast for about 15 months. It comes and goes, sometimes not showing up for 2 months or so and then it is back for a month or so. The pain radiates to my underarm at times. Lately I have been feeling the same symptoms on the left breast but even more mild and less often. My right breast has always been bigger and simply seems fatter. Sometimes it seems as if it is swollen but it might be nerves. Any ideas? I am 53 and my last period was about 5 months ago after 3  months intervals for a while.

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Since you state that you have had this problem for well over a year I would think that you might have mentioned it to your Dr at your last visit. The usual recommendation is for women to have a baseline Mammogram at age 40 and yearly Physician visits for a clinical breast exam and Mammogram after that. The symptoms you describe have no relation to Breast Cancer as far as I can see. Breast pain is not an unusual happening and is usually related to hormonal changes in the body but I suggest that you follow the above mentioned recommendations and be sure to mention these feelings of discomfort when you speak with you Dr. With your recent onset of menopause I imagine that there are hormonal variations going on in your body at this time.    Regards ....
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