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small lump near surface- taking antibiotics?
<p>I am a 55 yr old female which found a small 2.5 X1.5  cm lump (1 inch by .5 inch) type feel toward surface -left breast -middle lower right side.  It was inflammed and saw my Internest who subsequentlly squeezed it and noticed small amount of puss extrude. She prescribed antibiotics and told to wait to see if it goes down since she thought it was a subcutaneous cyst. She told me to go back and see my plastic surgeon also - who is waiting for a clean bill of health to operate on exchanging my inplants of 10yrs ago. I saw him the next day and he seemed more cautious and wen he squeezed it - only small almounts of blood extruded.  He gave me a very bad feeling when I left and said he could not operate when I had an infection and did not give me any assurance that this was only a cyst.  It has been close to a week on antibiotics and it seemed to be smaller but I am scared to death since my Mom died of breast cancer when she was 58. Is this the normal procedure?? Should I go see a specialist or just let the surgeon make his diangosis?
I  had a mammogram and a sonagram within the last month --results were negative
Should I be worried or are these type of cysts common?  Any comments would be appreciated.
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