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small painless lumps directly under armpit to side of breast on rib cage

I am 29 and Three weeks ago I discovered a small(pea to marble size)lump about 4 inches below my right armpit on the rib cage to the side of my breast it is not located in the breast tissue. It's possible the lump has always been there and I have never noticed. It has increased in size minimally and several other small lumps have developed around the area in the last few weeks-one directly below the original and the others above.  I have also noticed  2 small lumps on the opposite side closer to where the breast and armpit meet. I have very small breasts and have not found a single lump in the actual breast tissue and have examined thoroughly.  A couple days ago I did wake up to a sore swollen lump(assumed lympnode)on the back of my neck but the other lumps have remained completely painless and the pain has subsided in the neck lump.  Is it possible that these "lumps" could all be lympnodes?  I have an exam yearly and nothing odd has ever been detected or mentioned and a'm in excellent physical health.  Should I be concerned about this activity?  If so, should I visit the obgyn or a different type of physician?  Thanks.
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Dear Beck76:  Without examination, it is impossible for us to speculate on what these "lumps" might be.  If these are growing and/or causing you concern, you should see your primary care physician for evaluation.
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i have exactly the same thing

i had one lump went to the doc
she said it was ok and to let her know if ny change ...now i have two.........

i would appreciate if you got back to me with what ur doc says to u
although i am aware i need to visit the doc asap id still liek to know ur feedback

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