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sore breast, and lump in breast

Hi, I'm 21 years old. I've been stressing about this for awhile now, to the point of suffering of mild anxiety. About a month ago i've discovered a movable lump on my right breast. It is quite big (about 3-4 cm), feels like a marble/grape/water balloon. I don't how I couldn't identify it before, it's like it grew overnight. Went to several doctors, they told me it was either fibrocystic breast disease, hormonal imbalance or a fibroadenoma. I was told to not get it removed if it did not cause me any pain. Fast forward to a month later, I've been getting really bad PMS symptoms such as swelling, pain in arm, sensitive nipples, dizziness, moodswings...Last Thursday, after swimming, i discovered blue-ish veins on the side of my left breast, the area is quite tender/sore, but not to the point where it disturbs my day-to-day activities, i've been consuming ibuprofen to ease the pain, so far it seems to work, although the area still feels tender at times. What do these blue veins mean? could they be related to my hormones? Or could it be due to a muscle strain, as it has been a while since I swam? I am in no way pregnant, as I am not sexually active and my period is due in a couple of days. Thank you!
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Hi there,
The doctors who examined you, could very well be right, that the lump in your breast is either a cyst or a fibroadenoma,due to Fibrocystic condition..
But if I were you, I would NOT accept to be told, it could be this or that,without making sure that the lump in your breast is harmless.
Please ask your doctor,or better INSIST to have at least an Ultrasound test,and if he/she refuses, find one who will.
If you haven't seen a breast Specialist,I would advise you to do so.
The blue vein in you left breast could be due to hormonal fluctuation but you really need to have this lump in your breast further investigated okay?
All the best..
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Thanks, i'm trying to get an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to get referred for an ultra sound. also, i've noticed that on top of this, i have had leg cramps, back pain and bloating. could this be a sign of hormone imbalance?
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You're welcome!
I am glad to know you'll be seeing your doctor soon for evaluation.
Hormonal imbalance affects so many systems in the body,the most common are abdominal cramps and bloating, low back pain, headache, swelling of breast tissue, pain and tenderness, mood swings, fatigue, etc.
I am not sure about the leg cramps though,but talk to your doctor about it when you will see him/her.
Your doctor may order a thyroid blood test to make sure you don't have a problem with your Thyroid gland function,that could cause leg cramps. Make sure you are drinking enough water okay?
Best wishes and hoping that there is nothing there to worry about.
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I'll be sure to ask my doctor about it! Yes, been drinking lots of water, exercising and changing my diet in the hopes of relieving my symptoms :) Thanks best wishes to you too, will post after my doctor's appointment, hopefully it's nothing serious.
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Hi! Just got home from the doctor, i caught the flu, doctor gave me medication for that. As for the migraines and cramps and aches, doctor checked my pulse, I normally have super low blood pressure (90-ish/65-ish), so when I got 110/70  she explained that a sudden increase of blood pressure (normal blood pressure for regular people, high for me)  caused the headaches and muscle pain. Is that possible? Also, she referred me for an ultrasound/mammo. Told me to keep a diary of the changes in lump size and pain in the meantime. In addition, she thinks stress and possibly anxiety is an important factor behind all of these the symptoms. I've recently graduated from uni, and am currently looking for jobs, which is causing me stress. I also do not have insurance, so I don't want to burden my parents with health bills (cue the stress). She told me that even if i don't  'feel' stressed, my body doesn't lie.
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Hi again,
First of all,I would like to tell you that graduating from University is a major milestone.Congratulations on the achievement ! :)
I am very hopeful that you'll soon find a job that you like! .

I really cannot help you much regarding your other health problems, because in this Forum we deal only with breast cancer issues.Of course stress and anxiety could cause a variety of health problems,but the important thing now, is that your doctor is taking good care of you,she is giving you sound advice and is sending you for an Ultrasound and Mammogram.These tests are very important, to make sure that the lump in your breast is not something to be worried about.
If you have no insurance,I am sure your parent will be more than willing to help you out ,but if it's not possible,you could call your local Hospital and
ask to speak to a social worker.He/she will be the one who’ll know about the availability of free or low-cost breast screening centers in your community.
Wishing you all the best!
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