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sorry for the weird question but I need help!!

My question is about severe mastitis but not in a human, it's in my dog. My question should apply to any mammal though. the back two mammary glands are severely infected. I wanted to know if removal of the infected tissue increases the patients chance for survival. She has been on IV and antibiotics for the last 3 days. Her skin is now split and open. does this mean she is going down hill or a normal recoverable part of the disease process. I have tried to get answers from the vet but because I'm financially strapped, they answer me with short answers and are acting insulted that the word cost even came out of my mouth. If surgery isn't very helpful I won't put her through it but if it can drastically change her situation for the better I would try to see If I could get the money depending on the expense. Sorry for the question in this forum. I don't mean to offend anyone but I'm desperate. Again sorry and thanks for any help.

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You don't offend .... there are several Forums dealing with Pet Issues .... you might try there for a more appropriate answer.  Thanks
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I don't know specifically about a dog or even a human for that matter but a little about cows although admittedly very little.
The vet recommends antibiotics and milking the cow out.  I don't know how effective this would be for a dog or even whether she would allow you.  Do you still have her puppies?

Cows udders can become gangrenous and split open.
While it can look gross and you may want it cut off, etc vets say that the cows are OK.
She will likely lose the ability to produce milk from those two teats and physically they may look different.

It's normal (normal for an animal with mastitis anyway).  Surgery doesn't increase survival rate.  Depends on if you wish to save the breasts I think.  Not 100% sure.

I had a breast abscess at Xmas time and it was very painful.  My breast burst because it was so swollen and I must have rolled on it at night.  Pus poured out.
It was aspirated and a drain put in which reduced the pressure and pain (thankfully).
I was given IV antibiotics.

I don't know if any of that helps.  Try the dog forum.

I hope she's OK.

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