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stabbing pains in breast

Hi guys for about 3 weeks i have had a stabbing pain in my right breast. M breast is really painfull ive had to stop wearing a bra. The stabbing paing pain is not constant but when i get it it is really painful. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant ive contacted my midwife and she seems to think its ot pregnancy related. Ive also checked myself for any lumps and havent found any, but i am really worried as it could be something which may affect the life of my unborn child. please help, any help is help.
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To help ease your mind .. Breast Cancer and pain don't really go together. It could be hormone related and breasts can get really painful during pregnancy. If it continues and becomes more of a concern to you I would suggest that you see your Primary Care Physician for an exam and some feedback as to the cause.  Regards ....
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hi thanx for your reply, im still having the stabbing pains but not as bad as they were, but ive also noticed i have a hard lump on my breast, its at the top of my breast and towards my armpit. I can get a doc appointment till next tues, but i dont want to wait that long.  what could it be.
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There would be no harm in waiting a week for your appointment. You might call the office and ask if you should have an Ultrasound before your appointment. You might be able to get that done while you wait to see the Dr. If the Dr. thought it necessary he/she could call or fax in an order for the test.  Since you've had the pain for 3 weeks I still see no harm in waiting the extra week to see the Dr. I'm glad you did make an appointment though ... keep us posted as to what you find out.     Regards ....
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