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stage of breast cancer

Hi to all.I would like to know whatz the exact stege of my momz breast cancer.Doctorz reports say that she had a multicentric cancer with 2 foci of primary tumors, one measuring 2.5x2x2cm in upper outer quadrant and other measuring 1.5x1.5x1cm in the central quadrant.
Of the 13 nodes removed, 11 were positive for tumour cells with extracapsular spread.
Her pre-op investigations showed no tumor cells in the rest of her body.
She is Her2neu negative,egfr negative and er/pr positive.
Pathologist said that she had a grade 2 infiltrating duct carcinoma.
She had a right sided modified radical mastectomy and is now on AC regimen chemo.
could somebody please tell me whatz her stage and whatz the average survival rate?
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Hi there.

From what you have described, I believe she has an N3 disease due to the number of positive lymph nodes and that will put her in stage IIIC.

You can verify this staging and visit the National Comprehensive Cancer Network on Breast cancer treatment in the following website:


I also suggest that you discuss with her oncologist regarding radiation treatment since this could lessen the chance of the cancer recurring.  

Hoping for an uneventful treatment course... Regards.
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Thank you sir for the response.The oncologist had suggested a course of radiotherapy once the chemo is over.She has right now completed 4  cycles of AC regimen and yesterday had a dose of paclitaxel.just a week back we noticed that there seems to be a hard swelling on her right rib.Is this a normal prominence of the  bone after radical mastectomy or is it some kind of metastases?? Do metastases occur during chemotherapy? cant  the drugs penetrate the bone to kill the cancer cells? We havent consulted the oncologist yet but if he suggests us to take a chest x-ray or bone scan, will it be okay to do so when she's on chemo?? Kindly offer your advice sir.
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