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stage2B, Her-2/neu positive

MY Mother is CA right breast ,ER,PR negative ,her-2/new positive 3+ ; stage is StageII_B.
She has completed her 6 cycles of chemo and radiation will start in couple of weeks .
Doctors has advice for herceptine injection, this is very expensive also i heard about its side effects that it make herat week ...etc .
1.  What is the percentage of guarantee that after taking herceptine injection cancer willl not reoccur ?
2. cost of the injection?
3. side effects ?
4.parma where i can get this injection at a reasonable price ?


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I would like to make a correction pointed out by "bluebutterfly2222" that HER2+,is not "Triple negative Breast Cancer"
Sorry about the error....
Thanks bb.:)
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Sorry to hear about your mom's breast cancer diagnosis.
Regarding your questions about the cost and where to get the Herceptin injections,you will have to ask her doctor or pharmacist in India as prices differ from country to country.
All drugs have side effects and some women will experience them more than others and should be closely followed by their doctor
as soon as symptoms appear.
When a person is suffering from breast cancer there is no guarantee that cancer will not return.It all depends on how aggressive the cancer is and how patients will responds to treatments.
Women with this kind of breast cancer (Triple Negative) get dramatic benefit from adding Herceptin to chemotherapy,"
In international and North American clinical trials, the intravenous medication cut the risk of recurrence of disease by half and markedly improved survival.
Please copy and paste the link below for full information about this medicine.


Wishing all the best to you and your mom.
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