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I have ibc,  had WLE and sentinel node biopsy.   pT1N1 (isolated tumour clusters in one lymph node and a micrometastasis in a total of 8 lymph nodes.  1.2cm primary Grade 2 ER positive, PR positive, Her-2 negative with a 2mm deep margin all other margns greater than 1cm.  What grade or stage am I.  Also has the 2mm deep margin any relevance?  should it be greater margin than that.  I am very grateful for your thoughts.  have i got a good prognosis.

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Dear Dolly44, Staging of breast cancer is based on the TNM staging system. T = tumor, N= lymphnodes, M = metastasis. With the information T1N1 this would indicate a stage 2 disease, this of course assumes that the M would be 0 - meaning no metastasis.  If any metastasis (spread of the cancer outside the breast and lymphnodes)  would be considered stage 4.  
Several factors are taken into account when discussing prognosis - not something that can be done well over the internet.  Your prognosis is a discussion you need to have with your oncologist.  They can discuss with you in much more detail the specifics of your evaluations and what treatments would be recommended,and the risks and benefits for you in your individual situation.
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