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stereotactic core biopsy in 4 days

Hey  girls, I am having this done for the first time and as u can imagine I am going through alot of worry and anxiety. I even forgot to ask the Dr. will I have stitches? Can I drive the next day? Can I shower the next day?Can I work the next day? They found three suspicious lumps and are doing this on both breasts.

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The stereotatic biopsy process shouldn't affect your ability to drive. In fact, had I known how non-invasive it was, I could have driven myself to and back from the radiology facility, where the biopsy was performed. But, you may want to have someone drive and be with you when you go in for the biopsy, just for the company and the comfort of their support. You should be able to go to work on the following day and resume your normal activities; but be careful about not bumping the breasts because they'll be somewhat sore and sensative. There are a couple of stitches, but nothing major. And, of course, you'll want to keep the wound site clean and dry as infection is always a possibility. So, shower with caution. The healing is quick. And, once you're fully healed, you'll be left with a barely noticeable puncture scar. I hope that this info helps... best wishes to you and good luck!
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Hi Blonde30,
I didn't even have stitches.  But I was sore the next day.  You will be told not to shower for 24 hrs probably. You should have a bandage that can come off in 24 hrs. so you can shower, but under the bandage are strips that stay on longer, 3-4 days.  You can shower but be careful to try not to disturb the strips too much.  Don't lift anything heavy or participate in strenuous activities for 24-48 hrs.  They will give you instructions.  I suppose you could work the next day, but considering you are having it done in both breasts, if your sore, you just might want to relax.  Everybody's different.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, feeling good, but I was still numb.  I did have sense enough not to lift anything.  Anyway, when I got home I was a little sore so used ice packs and went to bed.  I could have worked the next day, but didn't.  Good luck to you.
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it was a piece of cake for me. dr. that done procedure talked to me the whole time. joked with me. explained things. he was super. whole thing took about an hr. but biospy took about 10 mins. alittle tender next day. but life pretty much went on as before.
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