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Hi, my mom was diagnosed with IDC Stage 3 ER/PR+ HER2/Neu negative and on the ultrasound it did not look like the cancer has spread to the lymth nodes, she was diagnosed on February 1st.  But she found the lump December 20th and the surgery is not schedualed till March 2nd im just getting very worried that they are taking a long time for the surgery and that the cancer will spread.  Is it normal for surgery to be that far away??
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Dear Kitina,

I'm a breast cancer survivor of 11 years and I'm so sorry to read about your Mom's diagnosis. With any serious medical diagnosis, if possible,  it's always good to get a second opinion from a medical teaching college (State University School of Medicine) in your area.  

Here is some general information about Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC):  
*  In stage 3A IDC have a tumor that is 5cm or smaller with a clump of cancer cells in the axillary lymph nodes, or a tumor that is 5cm or larger with a clump of cancer cells in the axillary lymph nodes. (Axillary lymph nodes are found in the armpit region)

*  In stage 3B IDC patients may have any size tumor as well as cancer cells on the chest wall and skin of the breast, or cancer cells in axillary lymph nodes  or lymph nodes near the breast bone.

*  In stage 3C patients have cancer cells in the lymph nodes beneath the collarbone or within the breast bone.

Please let us know how your Mom is doing!

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Thank you for your reply.  I am glad to here that you are cancer free.  :) I will keep you up to date about my mom.  Im just so confused why they are taking such a long time.  
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