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surgical pathreport for breast

had a bilateral surgery(simple/prophylacyic for left and radical for the right) for tumor in right breast measuring 2.5x1.5x1.5cm.biopsy report and microscopic description of the right breast  suggests"the features are those of grade2,mixed ductal&lobular carcinoma(T=3,P=3,M=1),inaddition wide spreadLCIS seen,comedo necrosis is present.widespread tumor emboli are present.perneural invasion not seen.The invasive tumor has a min. clearance of >20mm from nearest posterior margin.Axillary fat shows a total of 13 lymph nodes with fat infiltration in many nodes.No metasis is seen.this was described for the specimen of right breast weighing 750gm and measuring 21x20x5 cms.on the other hand sections from the left breast show benign changes including cystic changes,adnosis epithelial hyperplasia with focal collagen spherulosis&foci of apocrine metaplasia.there is no evidence of DCIS or invasive malignancy.IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY suggests weak positivity in approx.20%nuclei with ER and strong positivity in 80%nuclei with PR.No HER2 neu expression is seen.FINAL comments on report go as"The feature are those of grade 2 mixed ductal &lobular carcinoma with intermediate nuclear grade DCIS with comedo necrosis&LCIS.vascular invasion is present.Notingham prognosis index is 3.5 which assigns the patient to moderate prognostic group".
My queries go like:what are the chances of re-occurence in view of the biopsy report?Is it necessary to go for chymo or radiation session? if yes then what should be the minimum sittings for such sessions?what will be the ultimate suggested therapy CHYMO or Radiation?
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Ask your oncologist if you are a candidate for the OncotypeDX test.  It analyzes the DNA of the tumor to see how aggressive it is and what type of treatment (chemotherapy or hormone) would be best suited to your situation.  The test is expensive (about $3800) but many health insurance plans cover it.  They can also make a prediction as to the likelihood of metastasis.
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