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survival rate

I have had a lumpectomy and re excision, am scheduled next for bilateral mastectomy.  I had 23 lymph nodes removed, 7 positive. I have done 4 chemo's of AC and 2 of Taxol, side effects stopped Taxol after 2. I am Progesterone Recepter Positive and Her2/neu Negative.  I will start Radiation after the surgery followed by one of the meds for 5 yrs. Dr said I am stage 3A grade II/III. I am 52 and have 4 children at home.  What is my survival rate with all of this..I hope that not being able to finish the Taxol didn't make them worse. I was hospitalized with severe breathing problems along with terrible bone pain after each Taxol.
Thanks, Marciah
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Dear Marciah,  A survival rate is a statistical index, which summarizes the probable frequency of a specific outcome for a group of patients at a particular point in time.  Different methods may be used to compute rates so they are not directly comparable with each other. Depending on the source used the time frame and numbers could be different.  You may find five-year survival rates quoted for Stage 3A cancer in a range of 40-70%.   These numbers based on a group of patients, and does not translate literally to the individual.  These and other statistics are helpful when used generally to make recommendations and decisions regarding treatment, but how an individual will respond to treatment is influenced by many factors that are not captured by the statistic. Your best source for answers to your questions is your oncologist.  He/she has all of the correct information and will be best able to discuss stage, prognosis and options.

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Talk to your doctors, honey.  Please!!  There is no one else qualified to answer your questions.  Yes, you've been through the mill, but I don't know that many people who have not had your experience are going to be able to convere with you.
I had stage 2B, 10 years ago.  I had a new primary and at this time am trying to determine that the heck is going on with my breast now again.  But you're younger, and you should try to discuss your situation with your doc.  If you get no answers from him I can suggest a book that explains everything (I don't want to sound dumb, I really am trying to help)
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I'm sorry.  You're not younger.  My mistake.  Doesn't matter.  The post still applies
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