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suspicious lump

I also found a hard knot at the base of my husbands, RT. breast.  It's oval in shape w/o pain upon palpation.  It's 4cmx2cm. It doesn't radiate upon palpation. I'm worried, scheduled appointment for next week.  Any thoughts?
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Cancer in the male breast is relatively rare,but not an impossibility,especially in older men..Typically this disease would present as a painless mass behind the areola ( dark area around the nipple )
It's hard to even guess what this lump could be,since it is located at the base of your husband's breast.Try not to panic,because there are multiple causes of male breast lumps,most of which are benign.
I am glad  that your husband will soon be seeing his doctor who will get the necessary investigations.Hopefully things will turn out just fine for him.
Best wishes to both of you ...
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