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tingling sensation in my left breast?

Im only 14...my breasts are just barley growing but lately ive had this odd tingling sensation in my left breasts. It last for about an hour and its really starting to worry me. Im feeling it as i type! Could this be breast cancer?
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Please don't worry about this… The symptoms you are going through are extremely common for a girl your age. Tingling,soreness and many other sensations can occur in one or both breasts during puberty due to hormonal changes. Breast cancer at your age would be extremely unlikely, and the symptom you describe does not indicate cancer whatsoever.
Good for you, being aware of changes in how your breasts feel… you are showing good maturity at your age but if you are worried, talk to your mom to go for a breast exam sometime soon, so the doctor can explain in detail what you might feel like during puberty and put your mind at ease.
All the best to you..
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how about tingling sensation for a 39 yrs old?
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A tingling breast sensation can be caused by a variety of benign conditions…To name a few,it may represent an early symptom of pregnancy, change in female hormone levels and sometimes it could occur due to a pulled chest muscle.
However, if the tingling becomes too frequent and will not go away, you should set an appointment with your doctor for a clinical breast exam,especially if it’s accompanied with nipple discharge,a lump,swelling and redness.
Take care…
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Hi again,
Please,do not add your questions on other people’s thread,because it gets very confusing especially when you don’t give full information about your problems.
If you have any additional questions,you can start your own new thread by clicking on the rectangle at the top of the page where it says  “Post a question”.
By doing so, it will help us to have all your information together so we can better answer your questions okay?.
Thank you.
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