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types of breast cancer

I was diagnosised with ductal carcinoma insitu, comedo type, nuclear grade 3.  What does all this really mean?  I understand that it's not invasive, but what does the comedo type and grade 3 mean?

Thank you
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Dear Rab, Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is confined within the lining of the ducts of the breasts.  It is an early cancer that has not become invasive (spread into the wall of the duct).   DCIS does have the ability over a long period to become invasive cancer if untreated, so these tumors have to be completely removed.  They usually affect only one area in the breast.  Comedo type and grade 3 are additional descriptors about the characteristics of the cancer.  They indicate that this cancer may be more likely to become invasive.  This information helps the surgeon make appropriate decisions as to what additional treatment they would recommend.
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