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under armpits
I am 24 yeaers i have got a pain under arm towards the left breast. when i touch there, i dont feel any lymp or swelling. it started on the left side but now am feeling it on the right under arm. on the left side, its near the breast but on the right its at the top most part of the under arm. ok i just finished my periods and the breast are still enlarged with some pain. so i dont know whether could that be the cause or its something else. am scared of developing breast cancer.

Help me. thank you
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The pain in both your armpits does not,in my opinion, indicate breast cancer.
There are many reason why a person experiences pain in the armpit.
The formation of cyst or hormonal changes in the body may result in pain in both your breasts and armpits.
There are also muscles present in the upper arm. Pulling or overstretching of one of them may cause the pain to radiate down to the armpit.
My best advise to you is to have this problem checked out by a Medical
Professional,because it's impossible for us to know what is really causing this pain.
Best wishes...
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