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unusual breast pain


I am in need of some answers or help, or advice anyone would be great. I am 28 years old, and for the past month I have been experiencing some unusual breast pain, and I am scared to death. Since the end of June I have been exeriencing breast tenderness, it only happened when husband touched them they would be a little sore. Well the little sorness went from little to painfulness. before my last period which was august 16th my breasts felt like they were hard as bricks, they were swollen and I had to take off my bra, and I was in tears. They hurt that bad, never happened before. Now that my cycle is over with they are painful, everytime the nipples get erect it feels like rocks are in them. the pain is pretty bad, the pain is modtly in my left breast but it does go into my right. Also right before or sometimes after my cycle, I notice I get pain on my left side that goes all the way down to my left knee, and I am talking stabbing pain!! Plus, there's more, last month after having intercourse with my husband i spotted for two days straight, this is not normal for me. So tomorrow I am seeing my obgyn, (thank god) and hopefully some answers, if anyone has suggestions as to what it may be please let me know. I have suspected hormones, ovarian cysts, perimenopause, I thought I was pregnant but been having periods! i can't feel for lumps because they hurt that bad!! The feeling I have no, whenever the nipples get hard, it feels like I have rocks in them, but the breast is soft, and it can be both sides. Any suggestions would be great thank you!!!
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Dear mysticalzoe:  Breasts can become painful for a variety of reasons, most of which are not related to cancer.  The best advice may be for you to consult with a breast specialist.  Often these types of doctors can be located at large academic teaching hospitals.
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Did you do the pregnancy test?Sometimes even when pregnant periods may occur(1 or 2).And I know a woman who told me that when she was pregnant her breasts hurt so bad.
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i already did a pregnancy test last month, a few days before I was going to start because I thought the two day spotting was my period, it came back negative. I am sure obgyn tomorrow will make me do a pregnancy test of course. thanks anyway!
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