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update my surgery

Hi my surgery went well the doctor got microcalsifications out the hardest part was the part where they stick a needle into breast and then they mark the area with a wire they had to do this twice as they said i have very dense breast tissue and it is hard to push wire through the tissue to get to area wow!  After 2 attemps they got close i must say that i felt it though like a sharp pin stapping me in side my breast with a shock very strange. sore bruised  swollen and a 2 inch scar i am Now  just waiting my results my husband poor guy is having a real hard time with all this i am scared but i want to believe that it all going to be just fine i just have to wait to find out which i think is really hard but it is ok i have been on this journey since febuary. a couple more days it is ok i tell myself
..  ? Can i go to the gym next week and work out or should i wait the 2 weeks. working out  makes me feel like i can handle anything,  my mind seems to be in a better place miss the feeling i get from going to the gym feel like i AM doing something for me which is very unusual. any tips would be great on a quicker recovery this is still painful.
Happy thanksgiving i will let you know what happens when i knopw thanks for listening it is nice to have a place to talk vent just a place that understands.
Regaurds Charlotte  
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Hi Charlotte,

Congrats on getting through the procedure -- that's wonderful!  When will you get the results?  I had the wire thing too though, as I told you, I didn't have dense breasts.  I'm sorry for the anxiety you both have to go through.  I found a really good book for my husband when I was diagnosed with breast cancer -- it's actually called "Breast Cancer Husband"  and there is a website by that same name. My guy found it very helpful.  

As far as the gym goes, I would wait the full two weeks, if that's what they recommended.  Maybe you can do some walking outside or something similar where you can clear your head.

I have a suggestion for a book for you, too.  Look on my profile page and under the "about me" portion is the name.  I'd put it here, but I don't remember the specific name!

Good luck!!

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