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very painfull breasts, not pregnant, any ideas why?

I've had very painfull breasts/nipples for over a month now and can't seem to find a reason. I'm 21, and I've been completely single for a year so and because of this I've been completely off all forms of birth control. I also don't have my period for the last 11 months because I'm on a heavy narcotic for a serious back injury that caused it to stop so I doubt the pain is from hormones and I also never sleep on my stomach or drink caffiene which I know can also cause breast pain. Any ideas what else it could be? They are also just c-cup so I also doubted it could be from just the weight of them or something like that...
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First of all, breast pain,particularly when it's felt in both breast,is rarely an indication of something serious.However,you should report this persistent breast pain to your physicians to perform a clinical breast examinations, and if necessary, order additional breast imaging exams (such as mammography or ultrasound) to help determine the cause.If no breast abnormality is detected, the physician should decide whether drug treatment is necessary.
The fact that you don't have a period for the last 11 months,could also be the cause of your pain ( hormonal problem) and you should mention it to your doctor.
In the meantime,wear a good, supportive bra to reduce breast movement. Many women with breast pain find it comfortable to also wear a bra while they sleep. Reduce caffeine intake which includes not only coffee,but also soft drinks and chocolates.
Maintain a low fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains.
Occasionally you could use over-the-counter pain-relief  such as  Motrin or Tylenol. Women find that taking Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E and regular consumption of evening primrose oil  in liquid or tablet form reduces breast pain.(But first talk to your doctor before taking any vitamins)
Some breast pain can also be caused by stress and may subside by reducing anxiety and tension.
Please call your doctor so that your breasts problem can be resolved,or at least alleviated.
Take care and best of wishes...
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