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weird hardening behind one nipple

should I be concerned about hardening behind my right nipple? I noticed it a couple weeks ago when I rolled over in bed it felt like I rolled over onto something but there was nothing there. I can't feel a defined lump per se...  but when I push on the left nipple it is squishy and kind of "boings" if that makes sense. When I do it to the right one it is firm and does not push in like the other. This is not normal for me. My husband can see it too (that the right one doesn't push in as far) and thinks it is weird. We are trying to conceive currently and there is a *slight* chance I may be pregnant but tests so far say no. Could it be hormone related or should I be concerned about something more sinister?
I am 33 and have never had a mammogram.
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I definitely think you would be wise to either see your own Dr. and request either Mammogram or Ultrasound; possibly both, which is not at all unusual. Since you realize that this is not normal and I applaud you for doing so, you might even seek an appointment with a Breast Specialist. I certainly appreciate your "baby seeking" efforts but I would advise you to clear up this breast matter first. This may be nothing serious but it's something you need to know at this point. It could be a ductal issue that might be taken care of easily but please get on with making an appointment to find out, OK ?? Kindest regards ...
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