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what kind of therapy is need it after a masectomy?

Hi, I am thirty eight years old, recently diagnose with breast cancer and due to have a double masectomy.
I  just want it to know what kind of therapy is need it after surgery. I am so scared , i cant help feeling sad.
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Of course you are sad and scared but try to stay calm and take things one step at a time. After your surgery you will hopefully be told how much and what you should be doing. There is an organization called "Reach For Recovery" sponsored by the American Cancer Society that either visits or calls pt.s after surgery to answer questions about activity, etc. These volunteers are women who have also had breast surgery. There is also a video tape of approved exercises for mastectomy pt.s which is sometimes mailed to you by this same group. As the previous poster said you should not over-do but gentle stretching exercises involving the arms is always recommended ... but not too many. It is important to regain normal range of motion as soon as possible. Please return with any questions you might have about your surgery.  Regards..
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Get yourself some help around the house and make sure you have pants that slide up easily, I have been mostly wearing those lounging PJS. Putting on jeans is HARD>>> I felt great for about a weeek after my mastectomy and now my arm is killing me, I think it has to do with the lymp nodes. The pain in the breast really isnt so bad, Also Make sure yhou ask what you can and cant do afterwards, I was told I could brush my hair and stuff but I now am wondering if I did too much. Ask as much as you can, I think it will  help you out alot. Do what ever treatment your doctors recommend. The waiting was the hardest for me, I was diagnosed aug 15th and due to extra testing and biopsys I jsut had my surgery Nov 18th. You will do well, and I will pray for you.
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