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woke up with pain in my left breast

Hello , i am 48 yr old woman , 3 kids , never breastfed, I woke last week with a very bad pain in my left breast i'd say about 2 finger widths above the nipple.  it hurt so much i couldn't even brush my finger over the skin without it really hurting bad but  i did any way and could feel like a long lumpy thing that kinda went straight up like nipple towards neck.  i had the pain for a few days , i couldn't even lay on my side it hurt so much but then a few days later it seem to not hurt so much and i couln't feel the lump really, but now today ITS BACK! and it hurts like hell and seems like the pain has spread over my breast more then before.  i know i didnt bang it into any thing , and i know it isnt from rough playing with the hubby ... so what can it be?
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  I have had pain in my breast  for  quite a  few months
comes and goes  feels  like a chinese burn  there is no lump  saw  2  doctors they said all   is  ok   but    the soreness is back  I use to use a walking stick and that side ,  my breast built up    its  just a bit bigger  then the right it feels lumping when I  lay on that side
side a lot   there is no redness no rush  just a burning felling
I am always under lot of stress due to family matters
thank you
   I have a lap top  and some times in bed  rest  the laptop  on my chest
can this cause cancer   so very very worried    i have a special needs  daughter
I am    a bit over weight    but       I walk  every where   I am 64 years old
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Well you are probably worrying that it is cancer, but it is kind of sudden for something like that. My first thought would be infection, perhaps mastitis. Whatever it is you should see your doctor. I can understand your waiting when you first got the pain, but since it has returned it is time to have it looked at.
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I have no idea what might be causing the discomfort you have described but if you see your Dr. for a clinical breast exam I'm sure he/she can tell. It doesn't sound like anything related to Breast Cancer but I would certainly see the Dr. and have any testing that might be appropriate. I hope you have been having yearly Mammograms as well as doing monthly self exams ..... if not you should. This is the only way that Breast Cancer (or other issues) can be discovered at the earliest stage of development. Regards ....
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