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Hello, am a 19 year old girl who is very concerned about a red pimple on my left breast close to my nipple.
can anybody give me an example of what it might be am very worried,should i see a doctor .what should i do?
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I really do not think this pimple you have is anything serious, and especially not cancer. Just like pimples sometimes appear on your back, or leg, the skin on your breast is not that different.
I would only maybe see your doctor for it if it's more like a boil, and quite big, and it gets hard, and that only, because they sometimes leave scars. but it doesn't sound like what you have is different from a regular pimple, right.

But please do not worry about cancer;  it's not. It's just 'life'.



PS: Sometimes, a bra that is not all cotton can irritate something like a pimple more. you may want to put a bandate on it until it goes away.
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