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24 hours bottle free!

Zantac has worked miracles i am so very excited that we are now 24 hours bottle free and BF great!!  I am SO excited!!!
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Congrats!!!! Glad to see that all is going well for you both.
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what a relief! I know first hand that reflux can destroy a bf relationship, and am SO glad you are avoiding it.

Next step- keep up with the meds, and keep giving it to her regularly. Watch for the old symptoms to creep back as she gains weight- the dosage of zantac is based on weight and needs to be adjusted every few pounds. You will know if it's not as effective, as some of the old symptoms will gradually come back. Also, watch to make sure certain foods you eat don't aggrevate it. It is possible/likely even on the meds. Also, continue to do all of the other interventions you have been doing with burping, elevating, etc... Expect that there will still be some spitting up (she is a baby with a tiny tummy after all!) but take comfort in knowing that it isn't causing her pain anymore. The fact that the meds have made such drastic improvements does show that her eating and behaviors were influenced by pain from the acid.

Based on how she is doing, you may be able to wean her off the meds by 6 months. Some people just stop upping the dose after a few months to match the weight, which in a way gradually weans.
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Tiredbuthappy thank you so very much! I really appreciate your help!  I am so amazed by how much the Zantac helps!!  We have not been bottle free since Monday and nursing great she does still spit up sometimes but it doesn't bother her and it isn't large amounts anymore yay!
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