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3 month old - eats every hour?

My DD is 3 month 3 days old. She is exclusively breastfed. She was eating every 2 - 2,5 hours so far during the day. At night she wakes up also every 2-3 hours. But last several days she eats every hour during the day - exactly every hour. I can't make her wait even 2 hours. What's wrong with us?
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It likely she is going through a growth spurt and it will pass soon enough. I will see if I can dig up the list of growth spurt time frames, but for now I know there is one at 12 weeks/3 months for sure.

It is tiring, but just keep nursing, soon enough your supply will catch up at satiate her for longer periods.
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I know about growth spurts, but seems like my milk supply is OK....maybe she has a different feeling? I'm afraid that she is using breast as pacifier, even though she never liked one. I do no tknow if it's a right from the good and bad habits point of view. Do not want to overfeed her. I've heard that they might eat when they bored too.
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You should be able to hear her swallowing. If she's not swallowing then maybe pull her off?  I saw a LC and that's what they said to me that my son was 'chewing' on me.  If you're concerned about your milk supply stay hydrated and try messagine your breast while your daughter is nursing - I find that that helps me.  Good luck.
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I'm actually feeding my baby with expressed breast milk from the bottle.  

If she's sucking from she'll keep sucking for ages and the still want more.  So I essentially let her suck first then after 15 mins or so, top her up with a bottle (or if I'm out at work she get's expressed milk in bottle directly).. .  Then she sleeps after for 3 - 3 1/2 hrs....

Just an idea, if you do express/bottle feed as well as just breastfeed...
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Wow 3 months and eating every 1-2 hours, my son is 17 days old and eating every 2 hours and that’s killing me!

Maybe she is ready for a little more then just breast milk or she need something more to line her tummy, I know they say don’t do this  under a certain age ,personal all babies are different with needs.

Maybe not any help but just an thought..

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Don't worry, you can not overfeed her. Babies will always stop feeding when their tummies are full and if they end up with a little to much they spit it back up.
Yes your baby is most likely going through a growth period right now, but that will pass.
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I hope you resolved your little problem and she eating okay now, i have just started to expressed and bottle  feed when i leave my son with my mum now that i am just back into the gym again, but i have to say my boobs do leak  and hurt at times and i will only breast feed till 3 months i think and by then for sure he will go through the night as he just loves his sleep and so laid back which to a degree I guess he gets that bit of his father!
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